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Facebook may seem like a simple concept.  You post something out there as your business and people can like and share it with their friends. What a lot of people don’t know about Facebook, for personal and business use, is that Facebook has implemented a system to show you and your “friend network” things that are relevant to you. This can be a huge issue when it comes to businesses reaching people who liked their page.

Before we go into how to improve the issue, let’s run through a quick scenario  highlighting how this system works on Facebook, without writing out the code itself. You are on Facebook and a friend, Tina,  from high school that you haven’t interacted with on Facebook in a while just got engaged, and it was shared by one of your friends that you do interact with on Facebook frequently, Shawn. You aren’t heartless and are happy for Tina, so you like the post and comment “Congratulations” on it. This tells Facebook a few things:

1.       You like statuses about engagements with in your friend network, even if you haven’t necessarily interacted with that person on Facebook in a while.

2.       You still like what Shawn posts and it’s relevant to you.

3.       Tina should be given another chance on your Facebook to see if you like any more of the posts she puts out.

How does this effect your newsfeed? Shawn’s post will remain on your newsfeed because he is still “relevant” to you on Facebook. Posts that contain keywords and phrases regarding someone being engaged like: engaged, “asked me to be”, “proposed to me” within your “friend network” will start showing up if possible. Tina’s post will start showing up on your newsfeed as well although not as frequently or high up as Shawn’s. If you continue to like, comment, and share her post then they will increase position on your newsfeed.

What does this mean for your Facebook Business Page? Facebook applies the same system to business pages and sponsored content (ads) as they do for personal, except space is limited to both. Facebook doesn’t want to weigh your newsfeed down with ads and business post because then users would stop using Facebook. If you post something on your business page you are competing against all the business pages that person has liked for a few spaces on the top of the newsfeed.  sounds kind of like a search engine to me.

How do you get seen on Facebook then, excluding boosting posts? Simple, have your customers interact with your posts. Likes, comments, shares, messages, reviews, and any thing else a Facebook user can do on your Facebook business page will increase the likely hood of you appearing in that person’s newsfeed and give you a chance for your post to “trend” which means that all viewers and their friends will see it.

We hope you found this helpful, if you did Like our Facebook page; like, comment, and share the post on your Facebook pages to get CBBC on your newsfeed more frequently. Feel free to reach out to Lions’ Gate Advertising Agency with any questions. Lastly, we’d love for you to join us on Mondays for our weekly meetings at 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. at the Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce.


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